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Candy Crusher 2 Free for BlackBerry 10

Unlimited fun with strategic Candy Crusher 2 game

Found in: Puzzles, Games
Released: Feb 8, 2015
Description of Candy Crusher 2 Free for BlackBerry 10
It's simple, attractive and interesting. Find groups of same Lollypop and blast them with a simple tap. The bigger the group the bigger the reward. Sometimes just blasting a group is not enough, getting a bonus or freeing up your way will worth better. Just play to find out which exciting strategies win the game for you.

* Unlimited Levels
* Exciting graphics & animations with cool sound effects.
* Lots of bonuses and exciting puzzles
* 3 Lifelines.
* Bonuses gives points and lead you to next level, even in case the time is up.
* Tap groups of three or more same candies to blast them off the board.
* The bigger the group you blast the bigger the reward.
* For groups of four and five blocks - 3 blocks are removed off the board and the fourth block is powered up & remains on board to add bonus points.
* These powered blocks when blast they cause chain reactions and result in larger blasts and bonus points.
* The timer decreases after every 4 levels to make it challenging.
* The speed increases after every 4 levels.
Made by: KumiLabs Private Limted