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Found in: Personalize, Entertainment, Apps
Released: Oct 10, 2014
Description of Fonts
Use these fonts to personalize and enhance your phone, making it more appealing and fun to use.

Make SMS & Whatsapp more fun and interesting. This app features a collection of stylish fonts for messaging, Facebook & Whatsaapp. You can also use these fonts for other third party apps like Gmail, BBM etc.
make your messaging cute text with stylish fancy fonts, and also make your friends amazing by using crazy fancy fonts , funny fancy fonts

No additional app is needed for using these fonts. Just download "Cute Fancy Text Fonts" and make texting Cute.
Millions of users worldwide have already customized their phone with Stylish Fancy Fonts
* easy to use
*you can easily change the other stylish fonts in this pack

there are other app which helps you to make your text much intersting " Stylich Fancy fonts", "Cute text Fancy fonts" with other volumes
Made by: Shiny Fonts