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GPS Logger

FREE Offline GPS Logger for BlackBerry

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Released: Nov 19, 2009
Description of GPS Logger
Updated version ready for download !

What's new?
- Support for DesktopManager Backup & Restore [keep the settings of GPSLogger when you update your OS or change the device]
- OS5.x Support added (text around SVG compass)
- Support for Storm2

FREE Offline GPS Logger for BlackBerry

Updated version ready for download

Log your track to the SD Card - Offline.
After finished you can export it to your PC and load it to Google Earth.

GPSLogger is a pretty straightforward application. It records your physical movement on your BB device over time, including elevation, speed, and some additional data. GPSLogger can also direct you to a location that you either entered manually or have previously recorded. This is the "Guide me Home" function, which makes GPSLogger usable for Geocaching (please note that this is not comparable to a standard navigation application).

The most important aspect of GPSLogger is that it will work 100% offline - no data will be transferred while you use it.

Core Features of GPSLogger:
Record your movement over time - the following values will be stored: longitude / latitude
accuracy for longitude & latitude values # of satellites
current altitude (in WGS84)
current course/heading
current speed
name of location (if specified)
Display of the current data in various views:
Path View: Displays the traveled path in a x/y coordinate system (2D-View)
Elevation View: Displays the change of altitude over time
Speed View: Displays the change of speed over time
GPS View: Displays longitude, latitude, heading and speed in a large font (e.g. for your own navigation)
Timing View: Displays elapsed time, current speed and speed in a large font (e.g. for runners and cyclists)
Compass View: Displays the current heading in a nice compass view Direction View: Shows an arrow/line that points into the direction of stored location (according to your current heading)
"Guide me Home"-Function for people who easily loose orientation like myself ;-) (see 'Direction View')

To reach the destination you have stored, travel in the direction of the arrow on the device. If the arrow is pointing up, you are traveling in the correct direction to reach your selected destination. If the arrow is pointing down, you are traveling away from the selected destination. This makes GPSLogger also suitable for Geocaching!

Zoom IN & Zoom OUT for path, elevation and speed views "Distance Alerts/Signal" - the device can peep & vibrate after a user-specified distance (in meters or feet) was traveled (especially useful for runners & bikers)
Night Mode in 4 different colors (yellow, blue, red and green)
Save current location to use it later with the "Guide me..."-Function
Store current location on the Clipboard (e.g. to paste it into a SMS or eMail)
Load and display a previously recorded path
Summarize information about a previously recorded path
Export recorded paths into GPX and KML (GoogleEarth) formats (and send it via email if you wish)
Import a path in GPX or KML format (e.g. that are recorded with other applications that support GPX-Export