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Popup For BBM - Free

Found in: Apps, Entertainment
Released: Feb 4, 2020
Description of Popup For BBM - Free
An application for all the BBMâ„¢ lovers. This is a very useful and handy tool for those who always using BBMâ„¢.

BBMâ„¢ Popup is a nice little add-on that enhances your
BlackBerry® Messenger! It allows you to preview incoming message on your
BlackBerry® and Reply them quickly in single click without switching away from what you are doing!

So if you wish to do some work along with some important chat, this can be a handy feature.

No need to quit the application or games when you receive a BBMâ„¢ message.
Popup for BBMâ„¢ allows you to read your BBMâ„¢ message on the first hand no matter where you are.

*Please link your BBMâ„¢ contacts to your phone contacts or add the PIN into the phone contacts to ensure it display the sender name.
*To configure the BBM™ Popup, you can go to “Help” for some help.

Made by: SRID Games