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Sanoodi SMap GPS tracking

SMap GPS tracking app, share routes on Twitter and

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Released: Oct 22, 2009
Description of Sanoodi SMap GPS tracking

- Two screens: a Pace Screen and a route Summary Screen. Displays your route distance, average Speed, current speed, elevation, pace in time/unit of distance, and total route duration

- Ability to use SMap offline or online with GPRS

- Multiple user accounts on the same device

- An elevation Snap Shot (GPRS only)

- Export your routes as GPX or KML files to internal or SD storage
- Multiple Activity types that can be updated from the Sanoodi website
- Unlike most other GPS devices SMap simplifies your route as it is being recorded.
- If you have paused your route and forget to restart recording when you set off SMap for BlackBerry has a Pause reminder Distance alert (vibration) !
- Miles or Kilometres? record your route in imperial or metric
- Want to manage the routes that you have recorded? With SMap you can review your routes, delete routes from device
- Need to send your current position, your Lat Long to someone? SMap allows you to copy your current lat long into your clipboard for easy and reliable texting or e-mailing
- SMap is the heart of Sanoodi. SMap is available for Windows Mobile 6, Nokia S60 and other platforms too. Keep a look out for new releases and share those adventures!

Developer: Sanoodi