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Spider Solitaire

Get the "Cards" ready!!

Found in: Cards, Games
Released: Feb 8, 2015
Description of Spider Solitaire
A delight for all the Spider Solitaire fans!

One day, a person decided to ship Spider Solitaire for free with all the desktop operating systems. Then computers became a revolution and the world became addicted to Spider Solitaire. A few decades later, smartphones are the new in thing and the world needs Spider Solitaire.

The makers of Hangman are, hence, bringing Spider Solitaire to the Blackberry platform. Now you don't need to open your desktop to play your favourite game. You may play anywhere you go, for example, at the following places -

In a board meeting
During the lecture
While waiting in a queue
While pretending to be listening to your mother

So play Spider Solitaire on your Blackberry smartphones. The rules are just the same as the desktop version. All the very best to you!
Made by: Spice